Carson Maddox

Carson Maddox founded his eponymous design studio in Chicago in 1996.

His diverse education and wide ranging interests are reflected in the broad array of materials, processes, and disciplines that inform his work.

An abiding love of clean lined modernism has centered him on furniture, but has also found voice in industrial, architectural, and interior design projects as well.

Carson Maddox Studios


At -ism Furniture, we work with architects, interior designers, and individuals to craft enduring furniture, millwork, and metalwork tailored to the clients' needs. Comfortable working in residential, commercial, or restaurant settings, our ability to thoughtfully engineer solutions makes us a valuable partner to realize your vision.


For over 20 years, Lagomorph Design has served Chicago's most discerning residential clients, interior designers and architects. These collaborations have brought to life an extraordinary collection of custom furniture, cabinetry and millwork that tastefully combines modern day sophistication with old world craftsmanship. Our work is inspired by beautiful raw materials, designed with clean lines and subtle details creating pieces with timeless style, built to last.


Navillus Woodworks is a Chicago based design-build company specializing in fine furniture, high end millwork, architectural elements, and museum and artist works. Working with some of the leading designers, artists, and architects in the region, Navillus has set itself apart through impeccable craftsmanship, meticulous planning, and a refined eye for contemporary design. In-house CNC router capabilities and fluency in multiple software platforms facilitate innovative design and implementation.


SAP doesn’t have an expensive showroom or costly marketing campaigns, so 100% of your valuable dollars go into your finished product.

SAP is owned and managed by Scott A. Patterson. With a degree in construction management and 25 years of construction, carpentry, installation and project management experience, Scott provides detailed quotes that avoid the need for frustrating and expensive change orders and enable him to meet his delivery requirements, guaranteed.


zakrose is a creatively-driven design/build company, specializing in furniture fabrication and custom millwork. As a team, we are agile and constantly inspired through the open collaboration we have with residential clients, architects, and interior designers. Principal Zak Rose designs in an approachable style, creating pieces with light forms, clean lines, beautiful materials, and functional considerations. Zak is a founding member of the Dock 6 Collective in Chicago and was a former owner of the San Francisco-based worker-owned cooperative Woodshanti.

Carson Maddox Studios

Durkin Dining Table, Walnut
(84”w x 38”d x 29”h)

-ism Furniture

Bed detail: Design by -ism, in oak and steel
with powder coat, photo by Erika Darfour.

Lagomorph Design
Oak veneered kitchen with hidden table
and chairs. Lawton + Stanley Architects.
Image: Willie Chandler.

Navillus Woodworks
Design by Norman Kelley.
Fabrication and Design Engineering by Navillus Woodworks with Ism Furniture.
Photo courtesy of Aesop.


Corporate conference table from
solid maple. Photo by Tyler Mallory. 

Carson Maddox Studios

Optima Hanging Credenza, Douglas fir, steel
(84”w x 18”d x 20”h)

-ism Furniture

Stair detail: Design by Range Design,
in rift white oak.
-ism Furniture

Metal railing: Design by Bureau AD,
in steel with powder coat.

Lagomorph Design
Fumed Eucalyptus closet.
Sullivan Goulette & Wilson, Ltd.

Navillus Woodworks
Nina Chicago
Interior Design and Fabrication by Navillus Woodworks.
Photo by Jeremy Bittermann.

Corporate conference table and sideboard.
Photo by Tyler Mallory. Full scope entailed
over 80 work stations front desk, bar, kitchen
and office fixtures from stained ash and powder
coated steel. Project completed in collaboration
with Navillus Woodworks.

Carson Maddox Studios

Freya Bed, White Oak, aluminum, steel
(118”w x 36”h x 83”d)

- ism Furniture

Chair: Design by -ism, in steel and
split cane, photo by Tyler Mallory.

Lagomorph Design

Solid walnut single speed bike by Lagomorph Design.

Navillus Woodworks
Interior Design by Norman-Kelley.
Fabrication and design engineering by Navillus Woodworks and -ism Furniture.
Photo by Chris Leh courtesy of Notre.


Sunny Pantry
Residential millwork from lacquer and ash.
Photo by Daniel Jalandoon.

Carson Maddox Studios

Polished Bench, Stainless steel, mahogany
(48”w x 16”d x 16”h)

Lagomorph Design
Walnut wine room by Lagomorph Design.


Residential millwork and furniture. Custom bookcases,
doorway and dining table from various materials.
Photo by Carolina Mariana Rodiriguez.

Navillus Woodworks

Boqueria Chicago
Interior Design by Studio Razavi.
Fabrication and Design Engineering by Navillus Woodworks with Ism Furniture and Zakrose.
Photo by Barry Brecheisen.

Lagomorph Design
Grace Restaurant. Ash millwork fabricated
by Lagomorph design and SAP design.
Lawton + Stanley Architects.

Navillus Woodworks
Revival Food Hall
Interior Design and Fabrication by Navillus Woodworks with -ism Furniture, zakrose,
Carson Maddox and SAP Design.
Photo by Tyler Mallory.

Corporate custom work stations from
solid maple and various steel components.
Photo by Tyler Mallory.